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Partners in Relocation in Luxembourg, a division of PIRGROUP, warmly welcomes you to our new website. We'd like to introduce ourselves to you and the support services we can offer, making your relocation and stay in Luxembourg as smooth and pleasant as possible.

PIRGROUP has been active in Luxembourg since 2012. Since then we hve been growing and expanding in both size and quality. We are a full member of EuRA, and have been twice accredited with the Quality Seal for excellence. We are a well established and highly experienced relocation and Immigration Company, with a combination of over twenty years experience across all our destinations. We know exactly how to help you get the best out of Luxembourg. We are here to support you and guide you as you negotiate your way through relocating and settling in to your new environment.

Your immigration to Luxembourg will be professionally managed with our support, explanations and translations. We are here to help you make a smooth and seamless transfer to your new home.

Our website will inform you about:
  • The immigration process and rules in Luxembourg.
  • Our relocation service packages, and what to expect.
  • Luxembourg Culture, covering day-to-day life in general and expat life in particular.
  • Helpful hints, suggestions and links to assist you with your relocation.
When a company relocates an employee to Luxembourg or elsewhere, it is seen as an investment, and, as with any other investment, they want to see a return. Securing relocation assistance for the employee and family protects that investment. When there is no support upon arrival in the new destination, it is comparable to gambling with your assets.

Relocation can be trying, not only for you but also for your family. We will be here to help you all settle-in and adjust to your new home and country. We offer area orientation tours so you and your family can become quickly acquainted with your new neighborhood and how to get around. Moreover, we can organize culture workshops to help you familiarize yourself with the differences you can expect in your everyday life (in and out of the office) and how to deal with them.

Partners in Relocation offers this support. We have been in business for over 15 years, we are 100% compliant, EuRA Quality Seal certified, we work with your budget, and give your employee the trust and confidence to make the relocation a success.
We are at your service for professional and creative relocation solutions.

Welcome to Luxembourg!
Yours Sincerely

Isamar van Hilten

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